Will The Leftovers get renewed for a second season?

HBO has shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective which are all very simple shows in terms of concept but things get confusing and interesting — in a good way — after that.

But when it comes to The Leftovers, things seem to have gotten reversed, as the concept is wildly confusing and ambitious while things develop at a slower rate and pace than other HBO shows. This isn’t a bad thing, but it helps explain why the series may not be turning everyone who sees it on and might actually be doing itself in for being too ambitious in its efforts.

There has been no second season renewal yet for The Leftovers, which is both something to worry about but not to that great of an extent. HBO doesn’t jump on renewing its shows, even its hit shows, but there is reason to believe that not even HBO is buying what they’re selling.

That being said, the quality of the show is absolutely through the roof and the ratings are rather high on a consistent basis, which is all good news for a second season renewal. But such a thing hasn’t happened yet and it’s more than noteworthy to point out the reasons why the show might end up getting dropped before a second season rolls around.

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