Will The Leftovers Be At Comic Con This Year?

This week is Comic Con which means that some of the hottest shows and movies out there right now will be heading to San Diego to try and show off their new material for this upcoming year.

A show that seems built for Comic Con is the HBO series The Leftovers, which has the type of fanboy following that would warrant a pretty interesting panel at Comic Con should it decide to come. So far thugh there has been no plan or mention of the show coming to San Diego this year, which is a real shame given how big the exposure could have been.

HBO brought Game of Thrones to the convention, but that wasn’t a surprise given the following it had. The Leftovers was originally supposed to air after the season four finale of Game of Thrones but that never happened for whatever reason and that easy start to a series was lost.

Nevertheless, The Leftovers is climbing in viewership, even without a trip to Comic Con, and that’s something that could see the show host a panel next year, assuming it gets picked up by HBO before the first season gets wrapped up later this year.

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