The Leftovers Climbing to 8 Million Viewers and Stability

HBO is one of a few networks that lets their shows stew and roast a bit before taking them off the stove and tossing them, as letting shows like Boardwalk Empire, True Blood and True Detective simmer fir an episode or two has resulted in lots of good things for the network.

This is the same strategy that is being applied to The Leftovers and so far the return has been excellent.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ratings on The Leftovers is starting climb rather significantly, as the series is drawing close to 8 million viewers per episode now through various HBO Go and On Demand means, which shows that the series is gaining the following HBO was hoping for.

The first two episodes of The Leftovers are currently averaging more than 8 million viewers across all telecasts, HBO Go plays and On Demand. That’s not far off from the gross viewership the most recent drama launch, True Detective, was averaging at the end of its run

Don’t roll your eyes or take for granted the True Detective comparison, as that series took off a little slow with viewers but is not only a flagship show now for HBO but it’s in line win multiple Emmy Awards next month. That’s not something to sneeze at and while The Leftovers has a ways to go before it’s on True Detective’s level, the bottom line is the show is garnering a following and that’s the first step in success for an HBO series.

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