Should Christians Watch The Leftovers?

The Leftovers saw a pretty decent upswing in it’s second episode as we received more answers than we thought we’d get,e ven if it came at the cost of more questions being raised.

As pointed out by the Christian Post, while the series isn’t traditionally a Christian show, the values the show has veer in that direction and the series indeed acts like a faithful portrayal of what a rapture could realistically be like.

The first episode featured some explicit language, strong sexual themes and realistic violence, which could turn off many Christians. However, nothing seems out of place here as it all fits within the narrative. People can be bad, and when disaster strikes things can get really ugly. “The Leftovers” does a great job at showing this in a way that is new and refreshing.

You don’t have to be a Christian to pick up on the overtones within the show but it’s also not a series that theologically complicated. It’s a straight forward premise that is open to interpretation like the ones he Christian Post are making which is yet another reason why The Leftovers is becoming one of the best shows on television.

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