Emily Meade Teases Sexual Tension Between Kevin and Aimee

We are just around the corner from a new episode of The Leftovers and we’re hopefully going to get more of an explanation about what we saw in the pilot and the storylines we saw established for characters on the show. One of the more interesting yet not touched upon storylines so far seems to be a possible love affair between Jill’s friend Aimee and her father Kevin.

According to Zap2It, who talked with Emily Meade about her character on the show, we can expect to see more of an explanation and exploration of that sexual tension we all felt in the pilot between Aimee and Kevin, played by Justin Theroux.

Even though Mr. Garvey is like family to Aimee, know that you are not alone if you sensed some serious sexual tension between Kevin (Justin Theroux) and his daughter’s best friend. Although Meade couldn’t reveal what, if anything, transpires between the two, she did assure us it “isn’t crazy” to think there is some serious heat between the two.

It’s one of the many fascinating stories we hope to dive deeper into this week with another new episode of The Leftovers. You can catch the second episode of the series on HBO at 10pm ET on HBO or if you need to catch up with the pilot still, you can check that out here.

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