The Leftovers Draws 1.8 Million Viewers for Series Premiere

If the folks at HBO were hoping for a huge turnout for their newest series The Leftovers then they’ll be wishing that htey were one of the people who mysteriously disappeared int he show. Following the season premiere of True Blood, HBO saw just 1.8 million viewers tune in for the series premiere of the Leftovers.

According to Deadline, of the 3.1 million people who tuned in for the final season premiere of True Blood, 1.8 million of them stayed on to watch the premiere of The Leftovers.

The premiere of The Leftovers pulled in 1.8 million viewers in its 10PM on Sunday. Last night, at 9 PM True Blood clocked 3.1 million viewers — compared with the 7.1 million who’d caught that Game of Thrones season wrapper at 9 PM airing back on June 15 — up 32% from Season 3′s finale crowd of 5.4 mil.

The Leftovers lost out on a big chance to maximize ratings this season when they failed to secure the time slot following the season finale of Game of Thrones back in the middle of June but 1.8 million viewers isn’t anything to sneeze at as it’s still a huge amount of people.

Say that the show was a film, an 1.8 million people paid $12 for a ticket, that’s a $21 million box office debut which isn’t half bad for a show that has flown under the radar for the most part. We will have a much better idea of how well the show does after next week’s ratings are out as a bump in the numbers may be in store for the second episode of the season.

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