Fan Pens Scathing Open Letter to Damon Lindelof Before The Leftovers

The Leftovers will premiere on HO this Sunday and as a result we are starting to see former Lost fans come out of the woodwork to blast series creator Damon Lindelof for what he did to us when Lost was on the air.

While fans want to get excited about the concept of The Leftovers, we can’t help but mention that the last conceptual show that Lindelof was bungled pretty badly in the series finale and that has fans of Lost not so confident that Lindelof will be able to rebound.

Melissa Lafsky from the New York Observer penned an open letter to Lindelof in which she both praised his creative mind but lambasted him for basically leading us on for half a decade with Lost.

As a Lost fan who ultimately became a lost fan, it’s hard to consider committing to another one of your shows. Not because you aren’t an incredible storyteller, though, because you are truly gifted. Over the course of Lost, you helped bring to life a cast of characters whose fates I fretted over, stories I wondered at, cliffhangers that had me gasping in shock. I laughed, I cried, I accidentally memorized a series of numbers. I also suspended disbelief again and again (a smoke monster? sure) for six seasons and then, ultimately, well, I could have used some of those Wednesdays to catch up on my book club.

That’s a fair point that Lafsky makes, and while she may rub some more open minded fans the wrong way, we have to enter The Leftovers with caution as the series could lead to just as much joy as it does frustration.

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